About Us

The Foundation for Hospice Care is an I.R.C. §501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization founded in 1994. The Foundation provides families and friends a means of memorializing their loved ones by contributing money that is tax deductible.

The mission of the Foundation is to provide educational opportunities for hospice and palliative care professionals and support non-profit groups in Kansas and Missouri that promote the idea of better end-of-life care for all citizens. Since its inception the Foundation has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to individuals and groups for the above purposes.

The Foundation's Board consists of three people, all of which have years of experience in the healthcare industry and with Hospice care in general. Paul Gaumnitz lives in Boston, MA, Les Matthews lives in Santa Fe, NM and Steve Parkey lives in Prairie Village, KS. The Board generally meets annually in Kansas City but to save on travel expenses, most decisions are made via telephone, fax or email. None of the Board members are paid for their services.

The Board has chosen the law firm of Blackwood, Langworthy & Tyson, L.C. to manage the Foundation on a day to day basis. D. Paul Tyson is a managing member of the law firm and as a tax attorney is well qualified to oversee the Foundation’s investments, grants, donations and governmental compliance. He is the principal contact for the hospices, people that support the Foundation and the Foundation’s Board of Directors.